Tips for Getting Your Mount at Level 40

The best way to get your mount in World of Warcraft Classic at launch

One of the big milestones in World of Warcraft Classic is reaching level 40, because it means you have the right level to buy your first mount. The gold requirement for buying a mount at level 40 is 100 gold, which is a lot of gold for your first character. We are in a rare situation where the economy does not exist yet. In the first days/weeks/months the total (player) economy will be very small. Players won’t have a lot of gold yet, so selling items to other players is not going to give you a good income initially. For this reason herbing and mining is not included in this guide, because it won’t give you a good income in the first period of the game, at a later stage this might be the best strategy.

There are two ways you can increase the chance you will have enough gold to buy your mount at level 40: sell items to vendors and don’t spend the gold you have. In this short guide we will give you some tips that might help you reach 100 gold at or just after level 40. The tips will serve as a guideline, to every tip there is of course always an exception. They rank from obvious tips to less obvious tips.

Don’t buy gear from vendors

When you are leveling you will get a lot of gear from your quests. If you spend gold on gear form vendors you will not be able to use that gold on level 40 and the gear you would buy, will easily be replaced at a later level.

Be nice to mages

But seriously, you can save a lot of money by kindly asking a mage to make some food and water for you. You will save a lot of gold this way and can buy your mount a bit faster. If you want to be nice, make sure to tip the mage a bit though.

Don’t buy all your abilities

Abilities can be very expensive, especially at the later levels. Some of the abilities you are able to learn will not help you during your leveling process. Only train those that will help you with leveling and save the rest of your gold for your mount.

Become a skinner

As mentioned earlier the player economy is going to be small initiatlly, so the best way to get more gold is to sell to vendors. In your journey from 1 to 40 (and further) you will come across a lot of beasts. If you do not skin these beasts, you are actually preventing yourself from ‘double looting’ a kill. The different leathers you can get will go up in price

The hides are a bit more rare, but will give you even more gold. Skinning everything you kill and selling the skins to a vendor will increase your income, with barely any extra effort.

Become or find a leatherworker

If you decide to become a skinner, then there is a way to get a higher return per leather from vendoring – Leatherworking. I have looked at all the available recipes for , , and . For each type of leather I looked at the items that could be crafted with that leather. For those items I compared the Vendor Price of the item with the cost of all the items necessary to craft the item. For the price of leather I took the Vendor Price of the leather. This way, when an items Vendor Price is higher than the cost, it is profitable to craft the item and sell it, instead of just selling the leather.

I only looked at the recipes that require minimal effort to craft. Most of them only require materials that can be bought from a vendor and recipes that can be directly learned from the trainer.

I found that for it is best to craft , because they give you an additional 98 copper per craft.

For it is best to craft , because they give you an additional 39 copper per craft.

For it is best to craft , because they give you an additional 77 copper per craft. But when you are Horde, you can actually make and make an additional 10 silver and 48 copper per craft. The downside is that this recipe is sold by in Arathi Highlands to Horde players and you need to farm to craft it.

If you are lucky with the amount of you get, you can also make some with a nice 9 silver and 40 copper profit.

If this section would end here, I would not recommend you to get Leatherworking, because the effort you put into leveling it could also be spent on killing mobs and selling their loot. But the profit you can get per will probably make the previous steps worth is. With , you can craft a , which gives you an additional 28 silver 71 copper per craft. By crafting and selling these, you can get your gold pretty quickly. The downside is that starts dropping from level 35 mobs at 20% and only gets to 50% from around 40. So you will already by close to or at level 40 once you can benefit from your earlier investment.

If you want to become a Leatherworker anyways, this might be worth your time investment. The fastest way to level your Leatherworking is explained in our guide. But if you only goal is to make enough gold without focusing on getting enough leathers to progress to the next tier, then find a friend with Leatherworking and let him/her craft the items for you with your leather, while you help that person level their profession.


I hope these tips will help you in some way to get your mount as fast as possible. If you disagree with the tips or have better ones, I would be happy to hear them through our contact page or Reddit.

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