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Top 8 Reasons Why You Will Like WoW Classic More Than BfA – The Final Verdict

Top 8 Reasons Why WoW Classic Is Better Than BfA

World of Warcraft Classic is coming out on the 27th of August. Some of us have been lucky to be part of the Closed Beta and most of us have been participating in the Stress Test. We all have got a pretty clear idea of the differences between the Vanilla version of WoW and Battle for Azeroth (BfA).
In part 1 and part 2 of our comparison between WoW Classic and BfA, we have looked at the main differences between the two games. In this article you will find the Top 8 Reasons Why You Will Like WoW Classic More Than BfA. You might not agree with our Top 8, which is totally fine!

1. Weapon skills and ability ranks matter again.

Both weapons skills and ability ranks are not all automatically obtained in WoW Classic. The ability to wield a weapon can be learned from the weapon masters in the different capital cities. By using those weapons you will level up the weapon skill.
To get the next rank of your abilities you have to actually visit a class trainer and pay to get the next rank. This might sound like a lot of hazzle compared to BfA, but it actually makes you appreciate the different ranks and weapon skills you have worked hard to obtain.

2. Transportation makes you enjoy the zones

In WoW Classic you will not be able to fly and there are less flight paths than in BfA. This will of course make you reach your destination slower, but it will make you enjoy the zones more. How often have you used your flying mount in BfA to get to the indicator on the map without actually paying attention to the quest and the zone? The fact that transportation is slower will immerse you more into the zone.

3. Questing is harder and less linear

In the last couple of expansions of World of Warcraft the leveling experience has been very linear. You get one to three quests to go to a subzone, finish the quests there, get a breadcrumb quest to the next quest hub and repeat. The addition of level scaling of npcs and quests added to this linearity. It is very predictable and for most people boring. It is more like a chore than something you enjoy. In WoW Classic your leveling route is less linear. The npcs and quests don’t level with you and the order of quests is not logical at all. The optimal order is a real puzzle. Aside from that the npcs are harder to kill and quest objectives are not shown on the map. This makes it more significant to finish a quest.

4. The community of WoW Classic will be better

As was shown in a recent poll on Reddit, the average age of the WoW Classic player will be high. The steorotypical WoW Classic player started playing the original game when he/she was a teenager and is currenctly around his/her thirties. The community will therefore be more mature.
Also the game mechanics will make you focus more on group play. For example: Quest npcs are not shared if not in a group, and creating a dungeon group is more difficult but therefore also more dedicated to the end result. Check out our previous article about Why the Community and Social Interactions Will be Better in WoW Classic than Battle for Azeroth for a deeper analysis.

Orgrimmar and Zeppelins

5. Your decisions are final

Before you enter the Classic World of Warcraft, you are already making some crucial decisions that will influence the rest of your WoW Classic experience. In WoW Classic it is not possible to alter the appearence of your character, because there is no barber. Your haircut, hair color and your accessoires are there to stay.
It is also not possible to change the server you are on. And last but not least, there is no way to alter the way your gear looks, because there is no transmogrification.
It is possible to change your talents, but the cost of respeccing will go up each time you do it.
This all means that everything you decide or do has a big impact on your WoW character and is significant because of that. Less flexibility, but more significance!

6. No forced achievements

In WoW Classic there will not be any achievement window. This gives the player more freedom to decide their own path, without being forced/rewarded to do silly stuff in the game. If you want to get all reputations maxed, go ahead and do that. Want to collect all pets in the game (remember, they take up a inventory slot in WoW Classic)? Be my guest. Just want to focus on raiding? Then do that. The achievement system in BfA makes you feel like you will never complete it and getting these achievements less rewarding. When you set your own goals, it will be something you are truly proud of!

7. The talent system is better

In BfA you can only choose a talent 7 time and that’s it. Of alle those 120 levels you can get, 113 of these levels will not give you the ability to choose a talent. This makes leveling up feel less important. The talent choices you can make in WoW Classic are different. From lvl 10 until lvl 60 you get to pick a talent 51 times, for each time you reach the next level. Each talent is less impactful than in BfA, but the total system is more interesting and rewarding, because you can make minor tweaks each level.

8. Getting good gear is more difficult and more rewarding

In BfA it is very easy for every player to reach the ilvl necessary to do the latest heroic raid and start doing mythic raids. There are so many ways to get gear, that it has become too easy. The only thing you have to do is play the game and do your stuff before the weekly reset (mythic+, conquest cap, (heroic) warfront, etc). This is different in WoW Classic. The ways to achieve good gear are limited, so when someone has good gear, you know they (probably) earned it!

Conclusion: Play WoW Classic! Your experience will be more significant and more rewarding!

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