WoW Classic vs Battle for Azeroth – Part 2

A couple of days ago we published the article The Differences Between WoW Classic and Battle for Azeroth. In that article I summed up some of the important differences between World of Warcraft Classic and Battle for Azeroth. I have been playing the beta of WoW Classic for a while now and I have noticed a lot more important differences. Here are some more to add to the list:

  • You have to visit a weapon master to learn the skill to use certain weapons. Each city has different weapon skills to offer. They cost 10 silver each (polearm 1 gold).
  • You don’t learn new skills and new ranks automatically. You have to learn them from your class trainer. They are not cheap, so plan your money and your skills wisely.
  • There are way less flight paths in WoW Classic. You notice this directly at the first village you go to (for example Goldshire or Razor Hill).
  • Mining and Herbing require you to mine and herb as many times as there are ores or herbs in the node. Not like in BfA where you get all your ores and herbs from one time clicking.
  • Mining and Herbing can actually miss if you just got the skill for it. Don’t worry, you can directly click again.
  • The community in WoW Classic is going to be a lot better! Check out my earlier article to find out why.
  • You can not share quest mobs with another person that is not in your party. If it is tagged it will be grey and you will not get anything from it. The positive side of this, is that it forces you to group up!
Ironforge – The New/Old Capital of the Alliance
  • It is almost certain that Ironforge will function as the capital of the Alliance players and not Stormwind. Up until Wrath of the Lich King, Ironforge was considered the capital, but when the portals for Cataclysm were in Stormwind, everybody moved there.
  • Leveling up doesn’t have a logical order like in de last couple expansion of WoW. You might have to move from continent to continent. You can also decide to grind a level in order to be able to go to the next zone.
  • Resistance gear is back. In BfA you can practically wear the same gear for every fight. In WoW Classic you will need to have some resistance gear for certain fight, or you will die instantely.
  • Epic mobs are actually difficult in WoW Classic. It’s very hard to solo them – better to group up.
  • Money will initially be hard to come by. The economy is at launch non-existent, so you can’t directly make a lot of gold on the Auction House.
  • Nothing you do is cross-server. This means your server is important. Choose your server wisely and hold up a good reputation.
  • I actually forgot a very important, but logical one: There are no flying mounts in WoW Classic! This is actually a good thing, because it makes the world bigger and more fun to explore.

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